Commercial Verified Views

Verified Views for Commercial Developments

Commercial Verifed Views

Commercial developments tend to be large scale and functional. Distribution centres parallel to transport corridors, plots in retail and commercial parks, or existing restrictive urban sites for example. Typically, the schemes mirror or echo existing development, but sometimes the aesthetic can be new to an area. In either case, testing and presenting the visibility of the scheme is very important in determining whether the development will achieve planning consent. Verified Views provide the level of accuracy required.

Initial studies showing maximum parameter heights provide a good basis from which to design the scheme. RBMP can provide verified views which show the outline of the maximum allowed scale, and if required, can be presented alongside existing developments with permission to give relevance and context when presenting. From there, further detailed views can be produced with features such as mitigation planting to give a true impression of what the development will look like once completed at 5, 10, 15 years post completion.

Why choose RBMP for your commercial verified views?

We have extensive experience working with a variety of clients to help understand and deliver verified views which are unique and closely tailored to the specific opportunities of the commercial development. These include:

  • Large scale commercial infrastructure projects
  • Rural and semi-urban business parks
  • Mixed-use urban infill sites
  • Retail units
  • Probiotics International, Lopen Head, Original Image

    Original ImageHigh Resolution Photo.

    The original site photo taken with a full frame camera. All site data and camera position are recorded.

    Probiotics International, Lopen Head, AVR0 Verified View

    The OutlineAVR0.

    The outline of the development proposal, interacting with the surrounding landscape context.

    Probiotics International, Lopen Head, AVR2 Verified View

    Verified ViewAVR2.

    The final wireframe visualsation merged into the base photo with architectural detail shown.