Historic Sites

Verified Views for historic sites and conservation

Historic and Cultural Verified Views

Protection and conservation of historic properties and sites is a key component of the planning system. Restricted availability of sites, especially in urban settings often means that new development can be in close proximity to these protected sites. Views both to and from the new development and historic site need to be considered, ensuring that the character is not adversely affected but allowing the new design to work alongside. Gauging the visual impact is extremely important and verified views are a useful tool in the assessment process.

It is important to work closely with design teams to ensure that the design intent is properly presented within accurate visuals for the purposes of conservation. This may be to show the impact of a proposed development, or to show how a new development will work with and expand the use of an existing site historic site. Basic parameter height models or more detailed visual renders can be produced for the various aspects and consideration that are unique to each site.

Why choose RBMP for your historic verified views?

We have years of experience of working with historic sites both at a planning and design level. We understand the unique challenges that different sites present and are able to work closely with clients to provide detailed and accurate impressions of proposals. Projects include:

  • Residential developments near historic castles and ancient monuments
  • St Paul's, London protected views
  • Inner city historic and cultural quarters
  • National Trust and privately-owned estates throughout the UK
  • Whitgift Almshouses, Croydon, Original Image

    Original ImageHigh Resolution Photo.

    The original site photo taken with a full frame camera. All site data and camera position are recorded.

    Whitgift Almshouses, Croydon, AVR1 Verified View

    Verified ViewAVR1.

    Exploring the impact of a similar developments on the listed site; highlighting the limited visual impacts of the proposals.

    Whitgift Almshouses, Croydon, AVR1 Verified View with extended skyline

    Verified ViewAVR1.

    Showing the outline of all possible development proposals under consideration and the impact on the skyline around the listed site.