Landmark Towers & Artworks

Verified Views for Landmarks

Landmark Verifed Views

Landmarks by their nature are imposing and usually very visible. Analysing the visibility of the scheme from various viewpoints is key to ensuring that the design intent is properly realised and that the effects of magnitude and scale are appropriate to the site and wider locality. The accuracy of verified views helps when assessing these developments and is especially true of longer distance views where the reliability of the output needs to be consistent and precise.

Landmark schemes include new tower blocks which go above the existing parameter heights in the area or public art sculptures intended to revitalise a space. Measuring the visual impacts of these types of schemes is extremely important throughout the design phases.

Viewing corridor analysis is one of the methods utilised to ensure landmark developments do not adversely impact key views across urban areas. This could be views towards a listed building or landscape. The London View Management Framework (LVMF) sets out both guidelines for capturing verified views and also highlights the protected key views around the capital. RBMP is up to date with the latest and best practices for creating verified views within the document.

Why choose RBMP for your landmark verified views?

Over the years, RBMP has worked with many developers to realise the potential of landmark schemes. We understand the importance of ensuring a highly accurate visualisation of the scheme and showcasing the design. Projects include:

  • The Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland
  • Landmark towers around London
  • New use classifications for sites in restricted areas
  • High sensitivity inner city sites
  • Schemes in close proximity to Scheduled Ancient Monuments
  • At risk sites and developments
  • The Kelpies, Falkirk Wireframe

    Wireframe ModellingDeveloping the model.

    The proposal drawings are accurately converted into a 3D CAD model, creating a wireframe of the structure.

    The Kelpies, Falkirk Rendered

    Adding the DetailMaterials and Lighting.

    Materials are added to the wireframe model to give an accurate impression of what it will look like when complete; a lighting system is setup to match the original photo.

    The Kelpies, Verified View

    Blended into realityPhotorealistic output

    The 3D model and original photo are merged to create an accurate visualisation of the proposal; for use in planning, consultation, and marketing.