Architectural and Landscape Photomontage

Stunning life like architectural visualisations for use in planning, consultation and marketing

Architectural Visulisations and Photomontages for your Project

Architectural visualisations and photomontages combine all the dimensions, details and textures of a proposal to produce a virtual 3D model of how it will appear.

Sometimes it's difficult to envisage how a proposed development will fit in with the surrounding landscape. This could be a new building, landmark, piece of energy of transport infrastructure, or a competition idea.

RBMP can produce photorealistic renders of proposals to the correct proportion and scale, which are then blended in with onsite photos. Real life textures, materials, colours and finishes are then added to give a true representation of what a proposed development will look like once completed. This makes is it easier to foresee any problems that may occur and understand how the development will integrate into the local area.

Each photomontage is created to the highest possible standards. If required, we can follow the methodologies set out by the Landscape Institute or London Framework to produce verifiable photomontages (verified views/Accurate Visual Representations). We work with our clients to recommend potential viewpoint locations through onsite studies or via a ZTV/ZVI assessment.

Photomontages can be used in obtaining planning permission from local authorities, determining issues before construction begins, or for marketing purposes; helping sell the proposals to stakeholders, communities, and buyers. They give a great idea of how a scheme will look in a landscape and make the difference in conveying the right impression.

Photomontage Image
Photomontage Image

Accurate Visuals

These photmontages give a great impression of what a proposal will look like, without the level of accuracy associated with verifed views. They are typically quicker to produce and can be useful for visualising proposals during the design process.
Photomontage Image

Design Testing

Photomontages that give an idea of what the scheme will look like once complete; they could be used when presenting to clients or for marketing purposes.
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Artists Impressions

Giving the right impression of the proposals and conveying the concept. They help to sell the idea and could be used for consultations or in wider visual media presentations.

Photomontage for different types of projects

These visuals can be used across all types of projects and for different purposes. For example in the design development testing phases or for later marketing purposes. Further we can work with clients to ensure they are future proof with the ability to verify as verified views or accurate visual representations.
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