Residential Verified Views

Verified Views for different types of residential developments

Residential Verifed Views and Photomontages

From small greenfield and brownfield sites, through to large rural areas and urban spaces, RBMP produces verified views for all types of residential developments.

The importance of residential verified views

Housing development targets have led to an increase in the use of space that can be of high sensitivity, either because of local land constraints or proximity to existing high value sites and developments. This could be the extension to an existing low-density village, or the relationship to an inner-city historic core zone. Testing the visual impact of proposals against a robust methodology is extremely important and verified views provide the platform to do this.

Why choose RBMP for your residential verified views?

We have years of experience of producing residential developments verified views; including:

  • Large scale brownfield sites such as Filton Airfield
  • Small scale infill sites around major cities
  • Rural village locations across the UK
  • Inner city towers in areas such as Croydon and Bristol
  • Blackberry Park Original Image

    Original ImageHigh Resolution Photo.

    The original site photo taken with a full frame camera. All site data and camera position are recorded.

    Blackberry Park AVR0 Verified View

    The OutlineAVR0.

    The outline of the development proposal, interacting with the surrounding landscape context.

    Blackberry Park AVR3 Verified View

    Verified ViewAVR3.

    The final photorealistic visualsation merged into the base photo with accurate materials and lighting.